Qi takes the stairs when it travels from one floor to another in your home. To ensure its smooth and easy movement, Your stairs should curve gently upwards.

The ideal place for a staircase is at the side of the house and towards the back of the building and it is desirable to have a landing or change of direction halfway up. It is considered bad luck to have your staircase directly opposite your front door because qi and money can run straight down and out of your life.

To help prevent qi from rushing down your stairs and out your front door you can hang:

  • drapes or curtains at the bottom of the stairs
  • a mirror on the landing to draw the qi up into the house
  • wind chimes or a crystal between the last stair and the entrance to help moderate the qi flow.
  • To help qi upstairs:
  • make sure the stairs are well-lit and wide
  • put potted plants under the stairs to help the qi rise
  • have solid stairs rather than those with spaces between the risers so the qi can’t escape through the treads – if you have open treads a mirror face-up under the stairs will help send the qi back up
  • for a spiral staircase try hanging wind chimes halfway to slow down the qi
  • hang artwork that encourages an upward movement of qi – images or representations that are light and bright like birds in flight.